Three stages of change appreciation
Mans O

‘Three Stages of Change Appreciation’ is a three-album project by mans o and VITAMIN’s first musical USB drive release. Recorded, arranged and mixed between 2016 and 2018, these three albums co-exist inside a singular USB stick (designed and produced in collaboration with Mateo Palazzi and Sociedad 0), each one representing a position in time-space from an observer-driven point of view. By composing the three albums with different musical and sound approaches, mans o explores three parallel time streams, giving birth to his most complex project yet. The release presents an expanded sound palette and constitutes a powerful claim to free expression as well as the exploration of sound in all its various manifestations.
The three stages are linked in position but have complete different lives and directions. Symbolizing this in the USB design, each album is linked to one of three elements of progress: the root, the seed and the plant. Each hinting at the nature of each album. observing boundaries from within acts as the root album, a visit on diverse mind gardens acts as the seed album and in surface expression acts as the plant album.
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observing boundaries from within dives into a realm of large conditioning structures that range from our most fundamental to our most unique features as part of the universe. The observational position of this collection of tracks directs the listener inward to find statements that encourage maximum self-oscillation.


  1. but scratching the surface
  2. body is a soul crystal
  3. the path of least resistance
  4. ancestor call
  5. in vacuum imploding
  6. in deep breath
  7. look at your miracle

a visit on diverse mind gardens is a collection of direct recordings of hardware jams that act as a seed for the electric impulses that  arrange the organic structures inside the mind. These sounds are an inquiry into the mechanics of interconnection that nature and the mind use as a nesting and unfolding system, generating the geometry of which intellect is just a minute part.


  1. a caressed thought of self
  2. anidada
  3. as we recognize sense
  4. at play
  5. clorophilla
  6. divergent but enclosed free will
  7. drops on cooperation
  8. innocently begging for attention
  9. it was cut but still remains
  10. mutual unconditional II
  11. nesting in all of this
  12. on triggering density
  13. reacting perpetual blooming community
  14. rockbound surface in a dance with air
  15. rockbound surface slowly becoming sand
  16. spore release
  17. stepping into a unobserved garden path
  18. straight line of few fruit pieces
  19. helix torus
  20. tactile radiation
  21. thin melody covered with a thick blanket
  22. through crystallization of thought

in surface expression attempts to absorb all information within the body-mind by entering the physical palpable realm, in order to express a mutable crystallization. This is done by exploring the use of words, reiteration of concepts, collapse of ideas and body activation- through the potential of action.


  1. everything is already arranged / the free will
  2. there’s just a mirror outside
  3. tridimensional playground
  4. shaping a future now
  5. GO!
  6. sitting on trees just falling leafs